Just Ask   20 years old | Denton/UNT
Photographer & Aspiring Journalist; Livin' life at 100 m.p.h. and trying to leave something meaningful behind.

Portfolio: http://feysandoval.com

Keep up: http://www.austeremag.com

like: Hopscotch my bunny butt, Art, good music, cool movies, crafty stuff, documentaries, rad shows, talking about traveling, history, political science, cooking, cuddling/napping, men in tie clips, crazy stories, bad jokes.
hate: jerks & odd numbers, existentialism & Bad days.

Anyone down for a photo collaging collaboration?
I really wanna make some rad stuff this summer, so hit me up. You don’t have to be in Denton, we can be pen pals or whatever man I just wanna make things with cool, talented people. Also if you do hand-lettering o any sort of design lets do this.

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Nobody is ever really lonely

We just learn how to ignore the people in our lives.

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